Terrible Cake Party is game I’ve been working on for awhile now. It originally started off as an online Cardano NFT based card game. I originally thought it would be fun to play a “war” type game using NFTs. It wouldn’t require a lot of time or investment to play. It’s not a “metaverse” or a game where you can “level up” your cards. What it is (or was actually) was supposed to be just a fun game without any additional stresses.

So, eventually I decided that there just wasn’t a market for this as an NFT based project (based on the results from another simple NFT based game I worked on called “Proof of Blank“). The interest in NFT gaming is currently focused on flipping metaverse properties and there is no interest in a project that the game pieces can’t easily be resold at a profit.

The realization that investing in developing an NFT game was pointless I decided to continue the project instead as a physical card game. A game where you can pull out a deck of cards and battle your friends at a party (which would be tough in an online version).

The concept of the game is pretty straight forward, the person who plays the card with the highest “terrible” value wins that round (though you could play modified versions and focus on a single stat like “disgustibility” or “yuckiness”). The deck consist of 54 cards (50 game cards, the terrible cakes, and 4 information cards).

Here is a sampling of a handful of the game cards. These are poker card sized cards when printed.