Cd cover for "jah warrior shelter hi-fi weedtracker mix #1" featuring a vibrant graphic of a lion in red, green, and yellow colors on a black background with the website "weedtracker.com" at the top.

This was one of my most favorite projects to work on. WeedTRACKER Mix #1 is a reggae mix tape mixed by the bay areas legendary Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi. Featuring 60+ banging ganja themed tracks this album is top notch.…


An image of a circular black poster with a glossy finish featuring a list of names and logos thanking various sponsors like 'american eagle collective,' 'house of kush,' and others associated with 'weedtracker.'.

WeedTRACKER did a lot of events. We threw parties all the time to thank the forums users and support our advertisers. This is a sample from the back cover of a booklet full of coupons (from the events sponsors) that…


A graphic featuring a close-up of a black dog with large eyes on a green gradient background. the word "coconut" is styled with images of different dogs inside each letter.

a fun graphic I made for our dogs Instagram page (Instagram.com/coconutdoobietruffles).


Image of four pre-rolled cannabis joints on a green background with the text "coupons for weed" in bold along with a website address for deals and discounts.

CouponsForWeed.com was a very successful side project that came out of WeedTRACKER. It was exactly what it sounded like, a site to get coupons for weed. I made the logo and the social media for this site as well. Here…


An advertisement for westhollywoodweed.com featuring a vibrant rainbow crosswalk on san vicente blvd, with palm trees and pedestrians in the background, under a clear sky.

I came across some old social media ads I made for some of the other sites that were part of the WeedTRACKER family. The WeedTRACKER forums became very large with a separate forum for practically every city in Southern California.…


Blueprint-style drawing of a three-tiered cake on paper, including measurements and annotations in a technical format. the cake appears detailed with layers and decorative elements.

I really find blueprints and schematic drawings of things fascinating. The details are so interesting to see all the parts of the parts. So I thought to myself, what would happen if you made a blueprint for a cake? I…


An image of a dish labeled "fried tarantula," featuring a stack of dark, crispy tarantulas on a plate, depicted with a scale of 'disgustability: 52' and 'yuckiness: 93' written on it.

Terrible Cake Party is game I’ve been working on for awhile now. It originally started off as an online Cardano NFT based card game. I originally thought it would be fun to play a “war” type game using NFTs. It…


Abstract pattern with overlapping geometric shapes in blue and orange, featuring circular and spiral designs on a bright blue background.

These are fun videos that show the learning process and gradual changes that went into the image creation process for Postmachineism.