My first attempt at making an NFT series didn’t go that great. It took me a long time to make the images and I the guy who I worked with to create the policy ID and set the expiration set the wrong date so the sale only lasted a few weeks instead of a few months like I had intended.

The series was called Lil Bud’z and the concept was chilling with your weed friends in their living rooms. So I created a 100 characters names from popular strains and random adjectives and other words. I came up with some accessories for the characters, a bong, some weed, a pet, different posters and rugs and some even have a musical instrument.

The intent was that you could buy the NFT but the image was also a legit poster you could print (24″ x 36″) and put up in your own living room. In the end I sold about 30 of them.

Here is just a sample of 20 of the 100 Lil Bud’z Posters.