WeedTRACKER did a lot of events. We threw parties all the time to thank the forums users and support our advertisers. This is a sample from the back cover of a booklet full of coupons (from the events sponsors) that we gave out at one of our events. Graphically it’s kind of boring but I just wanted to share to show how many people we worked with on these events.

Our largest event “sold out” (we gave tickets to the sponsors to give away to their customers to come to the event) had 600 people and features entertainment by. Zion I and someone else (I forgot) but it was MC’d by our good friend actor, comedian and host Ngaio Bealum.

That party was a lot of fun. We rented a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles as the venue. It was a full on event with security, Fire Marshals and even portable bathrooms. We did it right everytime, these weren’t “underground” events we pulled proper permits when we had to and followed all the codes to the best of our ability.