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A cheerful graphic with a cute, smiling cannabis leaf character holding a joint, set against a pink background with stars and the text "happy 420" and "pretty trippy shop.

A 420 video promo for the “Pretty Trippy Shop” an Etsy store that sold custom rolling trays and papers. This was made using the mesh points to animate an object. It was my first experiment with using the mesh points…


A stylized emblem featuring a white silhouette of a man with a beard on a black background, surrounded by yellow stars and decorative scrolls, with the text "duke of erb" in yellow at the bottom.

An animation of the Duke of Erbs logo with sound effects. This was the very first thing I made using After Effects. It was a good learning experience because it touched on a lot of basic elements of what I…


Illustration of a hand cursor about to click on a digital tablet displaying a list, set against a plain salmon pink background.

Learning how to move things within another object. This was a pretty neat project. I learned how to animate within animations by making separate scenes and combining them together into a single animation.


Abstract green glowing shapes arranged on a black background, resembling a stylized, minimalistic pair of frog legs.

Learning about using trim path by following the outline of a star shape. Trim Path is a pretty cool tool. You can do a lot of really cool things with this simple tool.


Illustration of a 3d isometric soil cube with a top layer of green grass and underlying layers showing brown soil with lighter brown speckles, depicting soil texture and composition.

Animating the creation of a isometric block of land. Practing animating things moving in different directions at the same time and different times. Similar to the “City with Cars.”


Aerial view of a city intersection with cars, a yellow truck, trees, pedestrian crosswalks, and city buildings in an isometric drawing style.

This is one of the first more complicated animations I made with After Effects. This one involved working with isometric drawings and having multiple objects moving at the same time and different speeds. It was tricky to get all the…