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This was one of my most favorite projects to work on. WeedTRACKER Mix #1 is a reggae mix tape mixed by the bay areas legendary Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi. Featuring 60+ banging ganja themed tracks this album is top notch. It’s got so many dubplates (a dubplate is a one-off record/track that’s not generally available […]

COUPONS FOR WEED was a very successful side project that came out of WeedTRACKER. It was exactly what it sounded like, a site to get coupons for weed. I made the logo and the social media for this site as well. Here is an example of some of the social media ads that I made.


I have a dog named Truffles, she’s absolutely full on into digging for gophers in the yard. She’ll spend the whole day posted up in front of one of their holes waiting for somebody to come out. So inevitably she has poked her eye on many sharp sticks and roots in the yard in her […]