Tag design


A circular badge featuring a cartoon rubber duck wearing a sailor hat, floating on blue waves, with the text "cruise pin pals" on the top border and clouds and birds in the background.

CRUISE PIN PALS (METAL PINS) Cruise Pin Pals are 1.5″ round pins with a nautical duck theme. It’s popular with cruise travelers to hide small rubber ducks on the ship for people to find. Each duck will have a little…


Social Media post for X (Twitter) for calls to action to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Snek is a Cardano meme coin. This is just a small selection of the Snek Week promos. They were made using Midjourney, Stable Diffusion…


Cd cover for "jah warrior shelter hi-fi weedtracker mix #1" featuring a vibrant graphic of a lion in red, green, and yellow colors on a black background with the website "weedtracker.com" at the top.

This was one of my most favorite projects to work on. WeedTRACKER Mix #1 is a reggae mix tape mixed by the bay areas legendary Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi. Featuring 60+ banging ganja themed tracks this album is top notch.…


An image of a circular black poster with a glossy finish featuring a list of names and logos thanking various sponsors like 'american eagle collective,' 'house of kush,' and others associated with 'weedtracker.'.

WeedTRACKER did a lot of events. We threw parties all the time to thank the forums users and support our advertisers. This is a sample from the back cover of a booklet full of coupons (from the events sponsors) that…


A graphic featuring a close-up of a black dog with large eyes on a green gradient background. the word "coconut" is styled with images of different dogs inside each letter.

a fun graphic I made for our dogs Instagram page (Instagram.com/coconutdoobietruffles).


Two identical forms titled "strain information" with empty fields for cannabis details like type, grower, harvest date, cannabinoids, color, density, smell, taste, and notes, all in shades of purple and blue.

To go along with the Terpenes Flashcards a page that you can print out and mark down some notes about the cannabis you’re currently enjoying. 8.5″ x 11″ with two forms on a page.